was interviewed

by Yulia Petrova

at Lavka River Stage



"...LONG VEHICLE CIRCUS (LVC) is a unique project as it combines different arts such as drama, mime, dance, clown shows plus the skill of walking on stilts. These all elements together make the show amazing and amusing. Graduates of Prague Academy of Music premiered at the Czech National Day at Expo 2010 in Shanghai and from that moment have been trying to tell us their unbelievable full of emotions and events stories walking, dancing, jumping or even somersaulting, smiling , crying, just living through their unusual stage moments on stilts. Here they are after their energizing performance sitting on a railing, like birds, tired but still enthusiastic to answer my questions..."

Y.P.: How did you start? Who was the initiator of the group?

LVC: We started about 2 years ago and each of us had already had some experience with the stilts by that time- mostly just walking and we wanted something more and better than that. Then one of us Adam Renc, the Director of  LVC, contacted four of us, we formed a group and made a performance. We were very motivated and took part at EXPO in 2010 in Shanghai.

Y.P.: You, probably, looked very unusual there with your heads in the clouds and people at your feet?

LVC: Yes, people are funny there. We were just walking in the streets but they stopped us, asked for autographs. I gave about a thousand of autographs and they wanted photos with us, millions of photos. And so it lasted for 1 hour and a half before our performance. It was nice.

Y.P.: Is it difficult to walk on stilts and keep the balance?

LVC: Each of us had already learnt some skills before we met. We are actors. When I was shown how to do this, firstly I just kept standing holding at something as I could not walk anywhere. After an hour you can walk but it is not good, not comfortable. To do it well, to dance on stilts, you need to feel them like your own feet. It is difficult.

Y.P.: And of course it takes a lot of time practicing? How long do you practice before performances?

LVC: Everybody of us has different jobs, different events to take part so we cannot rehearse like in the theatre for hours. We meet before every performance and practice. We dance once, twice…We need to feel sure. Every day if performance starts at 8.30p.m, we meet at 5p.m and practise. The number of us is growing. We are 7 now.

Y.P.: Does it mean that you are an open group and invite anybody who walks on stilts?

LVC: Not exactly. But since some of us can be engaged in some events or busy at work we need a bigger number. As, for example, one of us is abroad now.

Y.P.: What other jobs do you do? (Here another stilt walker joins the conversation and talks from LVC):

LVC: We are mostly actors, we have other engagements. As for me, I playing at Drama theatre.

Y.P.: What was your most recent role ?

LVC : I play Lorenco in one Sheakspeare’s play and relaxing here, doing some work for my body , walking on stilts.( smiles) (Then my previous stilt walker continues):

LVC : We work a lot on our bodies. We study pantomime, dancing for a long time, drama. Every experience enriches you somehow. You never know what you need next time, in what project you will take a part. You have to be prepared to do anything but you never know what exactly it will be. So you need to be well prepared to be happy. You know, in other countries in Europe, normally it takes one year to get ready for something- drama, filming or something else. But in Czech Republic you might have only an hour to get ready to do everything (laughs).

Y.P.:Oh, it means you need to be very flexible.

LVC : Yes, I think so. But I like it, I like dancing, playing at the National Theatre and enjoy other things I do.

Y.P.: Thank you and good luck to all of you!

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