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Tauno Kangro is one of Estonias best and most well known artist, specializing in bronze sculptures.















Tauno Kangros works can be found in many collections in Estonia, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Lithuania and Russia.






































In 1902, baron Nicolai von Glehn (18411923) erected a huge statue of Kalevipoeg on a hill in Nmme outside Tallinn, slightly resembling Michelangelos Moses. Prophet-Kalevipoeg was blown up during the First World War and restored in 1990 by Mati Karmin (1959). Another statue of Kalevipoeg was made by Amandus Adamson (18551929) in 1933 in Tartu; his Victor-Kalevipoeg was destroyed by Soviet activists because the statue propagated the wrong ideology.

It was decided in 2002 to restore Adamsons Kalevipoeg, and Ekke Vli (1952) was asked to produce the replica. The third Kalevipoeg, planned to stand as a colossus in the mouth of the Bay of Tallinn, was designed by Tauno Kangro (1966) who modelled the enormous hero after his friend, a businessman with a shady background, as if wishing to erect a personal monument to him.

















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